I'm Ginny & I'm from NJ & I go to school at Rutgers.



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#SixSeasonsAndAMovie? EW's Darren Franich and Jef Castro imagine promo art inspired by classics. 

zero tolerence for disney shit negative tolerence for “punk/zombie/emo disney” I will pour gasoline over my body I will wrap myself up in a moldy rat shit trash bag and weigh myself down with cinder blocks and light a match before sinking to the depths of the world’s filthiest lake


some of my ceramics! they look better w flowers in them but all the flowers had died so I took them out ..anyway…. lilas first effort at ceramics

BASICALLY I just want to be paid to make pancakes all day and bike around to bring em to people and make them happy

I’m gonna open a restaurant it’s only going to serve breakfast all day, all kinds of breakfast and I will deliver it to you I’ll deliver your pancakes & bacon when ya ready to eat em any time 24/7

who has experience in forging doctor’s notes

i wish i was one of those people w/o eyebrows tbh they’re just more trouble then they’re worth

nothing will ever compare to cat tum

nothing will ever compare to cat tum

there is absolutely no place for candles that smell like desserts get that the FUCK out of here

very soggy and very Not Cool

been noticing the clouds a lot lately